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Result Equine Supplements is created from horse people for horses. All our supplements have been tested and scientifically created with a keen eye on equestrian welfare. Result Equine Supplements can be used as a complementary feed for horses to support their health, mobility, behaviour, mood or …

Our Supplements are created with a passion for the biology of the horse, that is also why many top equestrians such as Lorenzo de Luca (ITA), Daniel Deusser (GER), Liz Bates (CAN), Randy Sherman (USA) etc. prefer their horses to use Result Equine Supplements. Discover a short list of references below…

Daniel Deusser
Full Stephex team
Gregory Wathelet
Thibeau Spits
Katja Heap
Liz Bates
Lorenzo De Luca
Leopold Van Asten
Joe Clee
T&L Horses
Vincent Lambrecht + Family
Hendrik Denutte
Stal Marienshof
Ivan Dalton
Butler Court
Bart Clarys
Bjorn Vandenbossche
ST Stables
Rikke Barker
Carleton Stables
Kim Emmen
Skye Morrsinkhof
Obi Training Center
Stal Tandhof
Axel Vandoorne
Kristof Depuyt
Elsa Johansson
Ann-Sophie Goethals
Stal D’Hoore
Julien Vanhoenacker

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