Quand c’est important pour soutenir le système respirateur des chevaux.

“My regular vet, and the specialist from a large clinic in Belgium, said I had the most sensitive horse to breathing allergies they had ever dealt with. Needless to say, I tried an extraordinary amount of homeopathic and prescription medications (oral, inhaled, injected) with little to no effect on my horse’s comfort. I put her on Easy Breezy with quite a pessimistic expectation, and after 3 weeks I noticed the difference. No more coughing, sneezing, in the box or while riding. My horse has not needed one single dose of prescription medication or any other homeopathic medication since. I cannot express how much money I could have saved and discomfort I could have saved my horse had I known about this product sooner!!”

Elizabeth Bates
Jumping Rider

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